All-in-one DeFi Ecosystem
Bikini Finance is focused on building an all in one multichain DeFi ecosystem, featuring an Automated Market Maker, high yield farming, yield aggregation and optimization, NFT marketplace and many more new developments to create a complete decentralized experience for investors.


Trade - ZAP⚡

AMM: the exchange is an automated market maker (“AMM”) that allows any combination of two tokens to be exchanged on any chain
ZAP: In Bikini Finance you can also exchange your tokens for LPs and vice versa instantly with the ZAP Function integrated into the swap!


You can earn BIKINI with yield farms, earn BIKINI through staking, earn Bikini and more tokens through our optimized vaults, and earn BNB and other tokens staking BIKINI at The Beach⛱


Auto-compounding yield optimizer vaults for those looking for optimized gains


Security is a priority in Bikini that's why we will be following all DeFiLaunch security measurements including Audit by Certik --> AUDIT LINK