Frequently Asked Questions
What is BIKINI?
BIKINI is the native currency to Bikini Finance. It's required to participate in most of our initiatives, liquidity mining campaigns, and liquidity pools. BIKINI warms up all hearts ❀
How can I stake BIKINI?
You can stake your BIKINI on the "Earn" page, choose the amount you want to stake and confirm.
Also you can stake it in The Beach to get BNB rewards from the distribution of fees of the platform, and other partner tokens.
What is the difference between staking and farming?
STAKING: In order to stake your Bikini you only need BIKINI
FARMING: In order to farm you need to provide liquidity to one of the pools on the farming page and then stake your LP tokens.
Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one you choose is up to your strategy.
How do I farm?
In order to farm you first have to provide liquidity to one of the liquidity pools which you can find on the "Farms" page. You can do this by using the Create LP function where you can buy any LP with any token.
After providing liquidity and receiving your LP tokens, select the liquidity pool you joined from the "Farms" page, approve the contract and then click on the little "+" sign, choose the amount you want to stake and confirm.
How do I connect my wallet to Bikini Finance?
In order to connect your wallet you have to click on the "Unlock Wallet" button on the top-right corner of the platform. After that, look for the wallet you want to connect to Bikini Finance and click "connect". Once you approve the connection, you're good to go
When will you open more pools?
There will always be an announcement before the launch of new pools. Join the announcements Telegram group to be the first that finds out.
What is the max supply of BIKINI?
The BIKINI token has a max supply of 20.000.000 BIKINI. Tokens will be minted for the presale and then via the Masterchef contract to be distributed in farms and pools.
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